This page contains important resources for hospital, state, and system registry leadership to make informed decisions for navigating the significant changes presently underway in our industry related to the ACS transition of its internal systems.

Name/Topic Overview
ASN Compliance Hub The ASN Compliance Hub provides a centralized solution that allows your local trauma registry to “stay connected” to ACS quality programs.
2019 Compliance Readiness Steps We’ve put together a guide to help your registry “stay connected” to compliance initiatives in spite of the significant 2019 revisions. This is made possible by the trauma registry vendors’ commitments to provide continuity through the continuation of the vendor technical formats (now renamed ITDX) and the vendor provided centralized data center (now renamed the Vendor Aggregator™) and powered by the Trauma Cloud™.
Trauma Cloud™ Registration & Vendor Aggregator™ Access Checklist Download the Trauma Cloud™ Registration & Vendor Aggregator™ Access Checklist for step-by-step instructions.
Trauma Cloud™ The Trauma Cloud™ serves as a Master Registration system for the trauma industry and is a platform to communicate technical advancements in the industry that trauma centers and organizations can take advantage of to help support systems interoperability. It is not a database that stores patient data; rather, it contains information about facility characteristics, hospital and organization contacts, and information supporting the registration process for various industry technical components and solutions that are or become available.
ITDX Inside To help maximize continuity and minimize the impact of the Compliance Transition Event (CTE) for 2019, the leading hospital trauma registry vendors have implemented “ITDX Inside” in all of their Windows and web-based products. ITDX is the new name for the continuation of the vendor technical format currently supported by existing software, saving significant implementation time and costs for all involved. Moreover, ITDX supports registry best practices that allow maximum data continuity and efficiency for registrars, so they can continue to maintain existing data entry practices with minimal augmentation while maintaining 100% harmonization with all ACS clinical standards. As your trauma registry vendors, it is our primary responsibility to provide you with a data source standard that ensures stability within your registry technical platform, and ITDX serves as that backbone, designed to preserve consistency and ensure continuity while supporting all registry functions—including national compliance.
Video – Vendor Solutions For Supporting ACS Data Submission Compliance Please review the following video for details related to the software building blocks that have been used to meet industry compliance for the vast majority of trauma registry systems, including all of those from CDM, DI, and Lancet. Informational Video Explaining Vendor Solutions For ACS Data Submission
Vendor Validator™ Please read the Vendor Validator™ Press Release that explains the important continuity information of this validation tool that has been used by all the major vendors since the inception of NTDS and ACS TQIP®.