5th Jun


Joint Vendor Letter Regarding ACS Transition 6/5/2017

Please read the attached Joint Vendor Letter from Clinical Data Management (CDM), Digital Innovation (DI), and Lancet Technology (Lancet) regarding the recent ACS correspondence discussing a July 1, 2017 transition of ACS’s internal business systems for its proprietary ACS NTDB and ACS TQIP® database programs.

As a Vendor Community, we have to help our clients support not only national initiatives, but also scores of State, Regional, and Health System trauma databases, and thousands of Hospital registry systems. To do this, your Vendor has to design and support software to serve many purposes, and this article explains important next steps to help your vendor help you through this transition with the least impact and cost, and the most continuity for your data and systems.

Please read the full text here:  

We also have provided a new video helping you explain the Trauma Cloud to your leadership and stakeholders.

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