15th Aug


Joint Vendor Letter Regarding 2018/2019 Compliance 8/15/2017

Please read the attached Joint Vendor Letter from Clinical Data Management (CDM), Digital Innovation (DI), and Lancet Technology (Lancet) regarding the 2018 & 2019 compliance and data dictionary plans for NTDB and ACS TQIP® recently announced by ACS.

As a Vendor Community, we have to help our clients support not only national initiatives, but also scores of State, Regional, and Health System trauma databases, and thousands of Hospital registry systems. To do this, we have developed and supported free TVA resources such as the Vendor Validator™ and ITDX to help all stakeholders and systems meet NTDB and ACS TQIP® compliance for 2018, 2019, and beyond.

Please read the full text here: Joint Vendor Letter 08-15-2017

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