Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Trauma Cloud™ store patient information?

No, the Trauma Cloud™ does not store any patient data and is not a database. The Trauma Cloud™ can be used to securely submit your data to databases in a more streamlined and cost effective manner for databases you may elect to participate in. However Trauma Cloud™ itself does not retain any data, it is essentially a “Junction Box” to efficiently and securely facilitate the movement of data between systems and repositories in an efficient manner.

2. Is there a cost associated with registration for the Trauma Cloud™?

Registering for the Trauma Cloud™ does not entail any cost. By clicking yes on an individual registration item you are merely meeting the tracking requirement for the associated licenses. Individual products, such as AIS, may entail their own licensing or subscription costs from their providers and could also entail product or vendor specific implementation costs. However such costs are outside and not related to the process cost. Registration with the Trauma Cloud™ is FREE and entails no obligation for you organization to incur any fees or share any data. It is essentially meeting a needed tracking and administrative step.

3. Is registration required?

Registration is required for each hospital for your vendor to provide certain free software updates, such as vendor validator updates. Facility-specific registration is important because ultimately, vendors must match precise validator and registry versions for each software update. The Trauma Cloud’s infrastructure provides a framework for managing and implementing this function in a cost effective manner. Mandatory registration allows vendors to standardize on singular methods for managing a number of necessary software revisions, thereby ultimately accelerating timelines, improving quality and reducing costs.

4. Can a state or central system do a single registration for all of its hospitals?

Individual registrations are required for each center. While a state may assist with the registration process for each hospital, it is important to have facility-specific registration to streamline and manage software updates and necessary licensing.