Introducing the Compliance Hub

Compliance Hub Solution

The ASN Compliance Hub provides a centralized solution that allows your local trauma registry to “stay connected” to ACS quality programs.

Compliance Hub Components:

  1. Trauma Cloud™ — A Master Registration system for the trauma industry and a platform to communicate technical advancements in the industry that trauma centers and organizations can take advantage of to help support systems interoperability.
  2. Vendor Aggregator™ — A centralized web based data submission platform that ensures industry-wide interoperability through the use of a single point convertor from one data submission format to another. For national compliance, the convertor will receive the ITDX formatted file from local trauma registry software and convert it to the new technical format required by ACS for NTDB/TQIP®.
  3. Converter — The centralized technical processing component that takes in one specific file format and converts/maps the data into a new/different required file format.
  4. Vendor Validator™ — The industry’s only established data validation software tool that has been implemented on a national scale with a track record of support in all leading trauma registry products since 2009. The Vendor Validator™ supports all prior NTDS data formats from 2009-2018, ensuring ongoing support for all legacy data. Future enhancements will include support for 2019 national standards and a free toolkit to connect trauma registry systems to real-time validation capabilities.
  5. Driller® — A powerful data visualization platform that generates submission and validation reports with interactive analysis tools that allow users to easily recognize trends and patterns in their data completeness and quality.

Next Steps – To make sure you’re ready to use the ASN Compliance Hub, please see the 2019 Readiness Steps