17th Aug


2019 NTDS Compliance Readiness

Are you ready? To ensure all of your 2019 compliance readiness steps are met, click here for next steps. In brief, you need only register for the Trauma Cloud™ and complete the necessary participation agreements for the Vendor Aggregator™ solution. This will set you on a path for a smooth transition in 2019 and pave the way for new compliance revisions and updates, many of which will be supported for the nation from a single innovative location. In short, your trauma vendors have you covered!

Now that ACS has officially released the 2019 NTDS Data Dictionary, the major hospital trauma registry vendors Clinical Data Management (CDM), Digital Innovation (DI), and Lancet Technology, can more fully and concretely explain how all of the pieces come together to ensure continuity for your ACS TQIP® and NTDB compliance.

2019 marks the most significant compliance change in our industry’s history, presenting a trifecta of substantial clinical, technical, and platform revisions, all being required in a very compressed time frame. This event is so significant that we’ve given it a name—the “Compliance Transition Event.” For the last 18 months, the trauma vendors have been busy working towards this major event, and with this degree of advance preparation and support, a smooth and seamless transition will occur.

The Trauma Vendor Alliance (TVA) has continued support for the existing vendor technical formats used for the last 11 years to exchange data nationally in our industry. These technical formats were previously released under the name NTDS XML and are now referred to as the ITDX XML. The International Trauma Data Exchange standard, or ITDX for short, is the most widely implemented technical solution in our industry. ITDX has broad vendor support, and is included at no additional cost for 2019 in all windows and web-based trauma products from CDM, DI, and Lancet. The ITDX also includes time-saving and innovative enhancements to support trauma registry best practices that will enhance data entry workflow and validation.

To learn more about the exciting and important benefits of having “ITDX Inside” your registries and systems, click here.

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