Improving patient care and outcomes through registry interoperability

The Trauma Cloud™ serves as a Master Registration system for the trauma industry and is a platform to communicate technical advancements in the industry that trauma centers and organizations can take advantage of to help support systems interoperability. It is not a database that stores patient data; rather, it contains information about facility characteristics, hospital and organization contacts, and information supporting the registration process for various industry technical components and solutions that are or become available. Registering your facility/organization with the Trauma Cloud™ is free and invokes no obligation to use any products or technical advancements offered, but ensures, at a minimum, that you are made aware of them as they become available.


2019 NTDS Compliance

2019 NTDS changes are upon us. Learn more about the significant impact of these changes and the comprehensive joint vendor readiness plan that allows you to stay connected.

More information 2019 Compliance Readiness Steps

2020 ITDX Data Dictionary

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