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2019 NTDS Compliance – Are you ready?

2019 NTDS changes are upon us. Click here for information on 2019 Compliance Readiness, the significant impact of these changes on your trauma registry solutions, and the comprehensive joint vendor readiness plan that allows you to Stay Connected.

Welcome to the Trauma Cloud™

The Trauma Cloud™ is a cloud-based infrastructure enabling trauma centers to take advantage of industry standards that can be utilized to promote interoperability between systems as well as allow trauma centers to receive compliance updates that are needed to keep trauma registry systems in lockstep with state, system and even national compliance initiatives.

The Trauma Cloud™ supports Collector™, NTRACS™, V5™, TraumaBase™, eTraumaBase™, and Trauma One™. All users of these Trauma Registry products need to REGISTER to ensure that your trauma center receives all available and FREE updates that are needed to meet your ongoing compliance requirements.